Uggla Online 

Welcome to Uggla Online! This is where we offer our digital products and services. Click on the course name below to read more and book the opportunity.

Workplace walkthrough, 25 minutes online. We'll contact you through video call and view your workplace. We offer tips and adjustments to improve your space. Together we'll find the best solutions for you. Read more and book here

Ergonomics lecture, Ergonomics for the home worker, a 30 minute online lecture in Swedish or English. Read more and book here

Functional Medicine & Overall Health, more up-to-date than ever! Book a digital lecture with our expert Dr Cecilia Tibell in subjects such as Holistic Health – an insight, Confused by all dietary advice?, I who eat so healthy, why do I have flaws?, John Blund seems to skip me, Surrounded by toxins & Hormones in imbalance. Read more and book

Digital tsunami – a lecture, Katarina Gospic gives an exclusive and exciting presentation that will get you vital knowledge of new digital technologies.

Manage stress and anxiety,with a 30 minutes of online live lecture that includes with quick help to deal with stress and anxiety in the tough times associated with Corona. Read more and book here

Brain control,where do you want to put your focus? Become the head of your own stress system! A digital seminar in attendance training and simple tricks in managing stress. You will have access to the latest research on stress and the brain's incredible opportunity for new pathways. Read more and Book

Home office yoga, is a fun and simple form of yoga that suits everyone. The participant does not have to get changed or even leave their workstation. Read more and book here

Challenges & opportunities of the hybrid workplace, What are the challenges and opportunities we see in an era of hybrid work and value-driven employees? How can managers develop their distance leadership and create conditions for motivation and performance among their employees? And how can I as an employee contribute to a good working environment? We address these and other questions based on research, trend scouting and our own experience. Together with the participants, we explore the topic and provide simple tips and tools for a developing leadership and an active employeeship in a modern working day. Read more and book

Psychotherapy talks, We offer psychotherapy talks in collaboration with the expert team at 2Heal. We put emphasis on finding the underlying reasons why you feel unwell, while excluding conditions that may be linked to physical symptoms. Read more and book

Eat yourself healthier, How do you eat to do what you want to do? What helps and hinders? We learn the basics of how food and our nutrients work and affect us, we talk about everything from the important vegetables and fibers, how carbohydrates, fats and proteins work in practice, to why you should reduce your sugar intake, maybe start exercising and manage to be happy in everyday life. Read more and book