Home Office Yoga

Home Office Yoga 

Home office yoga is a fun and simple form of yoga that suits everyone. The participant does not need to change or even leave their workstation. The first asanas (yoga poses) arose when monks designed exercises to strengthen their bodies to be able to sit still and meditate for hours. Yoga is therefore particularly relevant in workplaces where a lot of time is spent sitting. As with massage, the aim is to start circulation and bring fresh oxygen to the body's cells. In addition, when we work in a state of mindfulness, we learn to deal with stress and prioritize where to invest our energy. In this way, we become more productive, harmonious and happy. Home office yoga helps prevent common health problems linked to office work and increase the feeling of well-being of the employee.

With a few exercises in simple 15-minute sessions, the participant will activate and stabilize their body, release unwanted tension and generate a renewed energy flow in the system. Anja instructs simple exercises that help prevent and treat muscular problems and stress.

The five passes are designed with different focus:

1. Neck and back Log in

2. Shoulders, arms and hands Log in

3. Breathing Technique (Pranayama) Log in

4. Full Body Energy Boost Log In

5. Face and mindfulness Log in

Do you want to give your employees an opportunity to increase the feeling of well-being? Make a booking request via the contact page to get a login to all movies.

Anja Björkman

Anja started her yoga career in 2007 in Boston, USA. Since 2015, she has been a certified yoga instructor with 200 h training at himalayan yoga valley centre in India and another 300 h instructor training at Rishikesh Yoga Association in India in 2019. Anja has participated in several yoga classes and conferences and taught ashtanga, hatha, yin, children's yoga, office yoga and mama baby classes. She has also worked as a yoga instructor in Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Australia, Spain and Tanzania. Anja has also at times lectured in yoga and holistic healing and delivered tailor-made business courses in office yoga to Swedish companies as well as planned and conducted yoga retreats.