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At our clinic in Gothenburg you can get classic massage and several other treatments. We are located in Majorna, right by Masthugget.

Our reception is at
Stigbergsliden 5b

Trams 3, 9 or 11 are available. You get off at Stigbergstorget. By car: there is a parking lot at Stigbergstorget, between Henriksberg and Sjöfartsmuséet, below the hill towards Masthugget.

You enter through the door in the corner of the building, go up a staircase (elevator available), then keep right. There you can get a massage in Majorna & Masthugget in Gothenburg.Phone 020 500 200

Our reception is unstaffed.

If you enter the booking system, you will see which times are available.

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Our treatments have always been appreciated among our customers. We have extensive experience in working with both private individuals and companies in the Gothenburg area. We can help you with massages at your workplace, or book an appointment at our clinic. Our experienced therapists will help you and offer the therapy you need in Masthugget. We adapt our treatments to your needs.
When you're in pain you massage the evil body part in the hope of relieving the pain out of instinct. Therefore, it is no wonder that the massage in Majorna as therapy has a long history. The world's oldest massage guide was written in China over 5,000 years ago, and the main points of this are valid to this day. Over millennia, various techniques have been developed to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself, by increasing blood circulation, counteracting stress and strengthening the immune system.

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Take a break from your everyday life by booking a nice massage in Gothenburg with us at Uggla Massage & Wellness. During the treatment, you will experience your body relaxing and breathe deeper and calmer. Forget about worries and stressful thoughts as awareness of the emotions in your body rises. Blood flow is increasing which will have a positive effect on your performance. All overstressed muscles are massaged and slowly softened. Nerves are calmed, severe pain is counteracted. You will feel how well-being spreads throughout your body. When the treatment is over, you will feel like a new person, ready to deal with anything that life throws at you.

Treatments tailored to your needs

When you book massage therapy at Uggla Massage & Wellness, you can choose between different types of treatments. Our therapists are knowledgeable and have long experience in the industry. As a customer, you are offered both treatment and recovery therapies, including Classic Massage Gothenburg.

We at Uggla Massage & Wellness have many years of experience working with both private individuals and companies. Book an appointment with us at the reception, or let us bring this relaxing treatment to your location. With us you get a good massage in Masthugget in Gothenburg.

Corporate massage in Gothenburg

We are a proud supplier of Corporate Massage, i.e. a masseur who comes and performs a massage at the office, is a very appreciated concept among our corporate customers in Gothenburg. Do you represent a company and are interested in finding out more? Ask for a quick quote and we will contact you.

Hands performing a massage on a woman against the light.
  • Classic Swedish massage in Gothenburg. This therapy involves increasing circulation in both blood and lymphatic systems. Your sore, tense muscles are massaged with fragrant oils, which gives them their natural agility and relieves pain and stress. The methods used vary a little depending on your needs as a customer. The therapist can use everything from lighter touch to relax you, to tougher techniques to treat problem areas. Pace, pressure, and grip are adapted to your pain threshold or needs. The result is a liberating sense of inner harmony.
  • Prenatal massage in Gothenburg is a special variant of the treatment that is adapted to your changing body. The therapy has a analgesic effect, strengthens your skin's elasticity and reduces the swelling that can occur especially when as your belly grows. Regular prenatal massage serves as good preparation for childbirth as the therapy reduces stress hormones. It can also contribute to a shortened delivery time as well as reduced pain. You can enjoy this form of massage at any time at your own request during your pregnancy – just be sure to tell us what week of pregnancy you are in when booking. We offer you massages in Majorna & Masthugget.
  • Sports massage in Gothenburg differs from other variants mainly because of its purpose: to contribute to a faster recovery of muscle tissues, as well as to prevent or treat injuries. Scar tissue and conjunctures in connective tissue and musculature are also prevented, and the soft tissue in the body is softened and extended. Sports massage in the majors is therefore usually perceived as more powerful than classical massage. The result is that muscles with elevated nerve boosts relax. The formation of inflammatory proteins is inhibited after the workout and the pain decreases.

Mikael Lundin

Cert. Masseur, Certified Massage Therapist

About me

Educated at Axelsons Gymnastic Institute.
Former professional dancer, martial artist and swimmer.
Long experience of functional training and stretching.
Your Masseur in Masthugget & in Majorna

Book me for:
Classic Massage
Pregnant massage
Sports massage

Madeleine Jensen

Diploma. certified masseur

About me

Trained at the Gothenburg Gymnastics Institute with 15 years in the industry.

I use different approaches and methods to achieve positive results. I treat with empathy and great experience. My goal is your well-being!

Book me for:
Facial massage
Classic Massage
Pregnancy massage
Sports massage
Relaxation massage
Muscle massage

Andreas Jonsson

Osteopath, masseur

About me

Trained as an osteopath at the Scandinavian School of Osteopathy, validated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Member of the Swedish Osteopathic Association and has patient and liability insurance.

Certified Breathing Instructor, Breatheology.

Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Medical Massage Therapist, Axelson Institute.

Book me for:
Classic Massage
Pregnancy massage
Sports massage

Andreas Pensjö

Certified wellness masseur and massage therapist

About me

Trained at the Axelson Gymnastics Institute.

With a great interest in health and well-being, I constantly try to have a holistic approach to the body.

Responsiveness is something I always strive for in my treatment, to meet each client's individual needs.

Book me for:
Classic Massage