Seated massage

Seated massage – perfect staff care and crowd magnet at fairs and events!

Fits everyone everywhere! If you have a lack of space or time, sitting massages always work. You can keep your clothes on, you get a deep strengthening energy kick that lasts for a long time. Booking is made through our booking system; alternatively drop-in. Fast, easy and appreciated!

Workplace arrangements:

  • Scope: My 10 minutes. Drop-in system can be applied
  • Space: Adjusted to suit each workplace.
  • Price: Submit price request here!

Seated massages are excellent for drawing attention at trade fairs or events.

Set-up at the corporate event:

With our comfortable chair we can offer a nice "massage boost" at different types of events. The massage is not space-intensive and can be offered as short treatments, 5-10 minutes per person.

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