Lectures & Education

Lectures and Education

Many of us get caught up in old patterns and need to replenish with inspiration and motivation. We offer lectures aimed at getting the participant to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle in order to live a full life – at work and leisure. Why offer a series of one lecture per month? Gather your team at a joint lunch or online.

  • Time: 25-30 min per session
  • At gatherings, breakfasts meetings, etc.
  • Offered as a recurring activity.

Eat yourself healthierHow do you eat to do what you want to do? What helps and hinders? We'll learn the basics of how food and our nutrients work and affect us, from the importance of vegetables and fiber, to how carbohydrates, fats and proteins work in practice, to why you should reduce your sugar intake, maybe start exercising and be happy in your everyday life. Read more and book

Challenges & opportunities of the hybrid workplace: What are the challenges and opportunities we see in an era of hybrid work and value-driven employees? How can managers develop their distance leadership and create conditions for motivation and performance among their employees? And how can I as an employee contribute to a good working environment? We address these and other questions based on research, trend scouting and our own experience. Together with the participants, we explore the topic and provide simple tips and tools for a developing leadership and an active employeeship in a modern working day. Read more and book

Stress relief in turbulent timesWe react differently to different situations, depending on who we are and what we have experienced in the past. However, most people experience many things as highly stressful. For example, now many people feel a strong concern about the many changes in society and the world. We offer a lecture on how you can manage your anxiety. Read more and book

Ergonomics lectureThe lecture gives tips on how to create a good working environment and ergonomics with simple means. Available in Swedish or English. Read more and book

Lifestyle: I am who I am and there is no way to change it – or is that just thing? Small lifestyle adjustments can affect your quality of life at all levels. Read more

MindfulnessWe react differently in different situations, depending on who we are and what we have experienced in the past. Read more

Movement: Facts, tips and learn how to get a smart body by being active in everyday life. Read more

Job satisfaction: The benefits of raising job satisfaction are never-ending. Everyone's a winner when job satisfaction increases in your workplace. Read more

Education: Active and experienced health professionals contribute to successful and health-promoting wellness program. Read more

Leadership: Leading and operating in today's society is more complicated than before. Whether it's leading yourself, leading others or leading teams. Read more

Mousing: we are made of muscles that need to be used properly. Prolonged, intense work at the computer can cause strain problems. But there are simple ways to prevent and alleviate it. In this workshop, we'll learn how to perform the Mousing® resting movements and Rubber Band exercises to prevent and alleviate problems. Perfect "take away" workout"! Read more and book

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