We offer different forms of massage and for companies there are different tracks to choose. We offer both lying and sittingmassages. In addition, both individuals and companies can visit one of our practices to take part in these treatments.

Massage in the office: Our masseurs come to the workplace and give a classic massage on a bench in a specially designated room. Thanks to our convenient booking system, you can avoid expensive and time-consuming paperwork.

On-site massages at the larger branches, massages at private clinics for the smaller ones - or a combo for the "hybrid workers".

Uggla's app: Through our app you can book a massage at the workplace and at any of our approximately 80 clinics around Sweden. Scattered employees? This is an optimal solution for hybrid workplaces!

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Seated Massage: Suitable for everyone everywhere! If you have a lack of space or time, seated massage always works. You can keep your clothes on and get a strengthening energy boost that lasts.

About Uggla Massage & Wellness

We have been working with wellness for 35 years and are one of Sweden's leading providers of corporate massage. We have the whole country as a workplace and help both companies and individuals to better health. Do you want to know more about massage, seated massage, our hybrid offer or investigate more wellness services such as ergonomics, yoga, bootcamp, mindfulness and health-promoting lectures and events? Read more under corporate client and get in touch with us for more information and connection.