Our story

You have to be wise, said an owl.

In 1989 I grabbed my massage table, gave a first massage and thus got my first corporate customers, says Lisa Uggla, founder of the Uggla Practice. Some of the clients were nationwide companies who saw the advantage of having the massage delivered directly to employees. It was a great success!

The massage was added to the added value as Lisa wisely worked out rubber band exercises and gave clear instructions to her massage therapists to suggest movements, training and other things to complement the massage. With a driven and innovative entrepreneur as founder, it goes without saying that Uggla Massage & Wellness is at the forefront when it comes to wellness. The focus has shifted and massage is now only part of the wellness work.

Our sedentary lifestyle is killing us

The Owl Massage & Wellness's business idea is to be innovative and use the means available to contribute to health. "We operate in a growing industry," Lisa continues. Awareness of the importance of wellness is increasing among companies and with them the demand for more services.
"Our major public health problem is that we spend too much time sitting down. That's why it's great to meet both people and companies who tell us how well they and their employees feel about the services we provide," says Lisa.

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