Digital Tsunami Lecture

Digital Tsunami 

Lecture with Katarina Gospic

Dr Katarina Gospic is the brain scientist with an eye on the brain and our digital future. During this lecture, Katarina takes you on a journey – from caveman to avatar. Did you know we have the same brain today as we did 40,000 years ago? To be successful in the new digital age, we need to know where we come from and where we are going. If we do, we can use the power of the digital tsunami sweeping the world to our advantage. We get glasses to see the digital transformation in a positive way – how new technologies can make us healthier, smarter and save the planet.

Catherine's motto is; be curious not afraid!

Future Scout with Dr. Gospic – Do you want to get healthier, smarter and save the planet?

Owl Massage & Wellness offers the interactive "Digital Tsunami" lecture with Dr Gospic. You get to listen to an exclusive, exciting, highly topical presentation and gain vital knowledge about new digital technologies. Not least, you will learn how our brain will cope with swimming through the digital age. All possibilities are at the door!

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