Massage & Body Treatments in the Practice

The treatments below are performed at one of our practices in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Lund. You can visit us both as a private person and as a corporate client.

When you spend some time on yourself, you get more out of life! For example, massage prevents and reduces neck, shoulder and back problems - and counteracts stress and headaches. We always provide a customer satisfaction guarantee . Choose your treatment and book directly here online. You can immediately see which treatments and which therapists are available at each clinic. We work with Benify, Wellnet, Min Friskvård, Söderberg & Partner, Live it and Epassi.

Thai massage

Thai traditional massage or "Nuat phaen boran", as it is called in Thai, is a treatment technique that strengthens and balances the body's energy systems.

Breathing massage

Relieve your breathing problems with a massage treatment. The Lotorp method is a manual treatment method that involves softening the breathing muscles around the chest and thereby increasing the capacity of the lungs.

Tactile Massage

Tactile massage is a soft massage designed to stimulate the body's internal calmness and relaxation hormone – Oxytocin.
The treatment counteracts stress and is pain-relieving. Nausea during pregnancy and cancer treatment
may decrease, as well as anxiety.

This form of treatment can be booked in Stockholm.

Facial massage

A lovely treatment where we soften all the muscles on the face. The treatment gives your face a new lustre. A luxury you're worth! In addition, the massage not only softens a stiff neck and taut jaws, but can also relieve tinnitus.

Classic Swedish Massage

Massage is a very effective method of treatment for improve well-being – in body and mind. Massage is healing, preventive, soothing, and can be used as a form of treatment in many different contexts. Massage has an effect and makes a big difference!


Naprapathen's treatment aims to reduce your pain and create better mobility and function in the body.


Osteopathy is considered the original of the modern forms of manual medicine.

Sports massage

Suitable for tension and stiffness – before and after sports.

Lymphatic massage

This treatment that suits everyone, but especially those who have some type of minor swelling, pain, numbness or fatigue symptoms.

Prenatal massage

During pregnancy, the body becomes heavy, the legs and feet inevitably take a beating, and many suffer from accumulations of fluid in the body.

Connective tissue massage


Connective tissue massage is a treatment that increases blood flow, clears waste products and counteracts stiffness and pain.

Cupping therapy

Cupping is a traditional treatment method where suction pox creates a suppression that affects the connective tissue of muscles and subcutaneous tissue.

Hot stone massage

Dream away in this beautiful treatment performed with aroma oils and warm lava stones.