Functional medicine and overall health

Functional medicine and overall health, more up-to-date than ever!

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Cecilia Tibell is an internal medicine, endocrinologist and functionally trained physician. She has a solid experience from both emergency medicine and reception work. Cecilia has a passion for overall health and to see the whole patient. In addition to her specializations, she has undergone several functional medical courses and is currently attending a Fellowship for A4M, one of the three major integrative organizations in the United States. Today, she runs the Integrative Clinic, where in addition to reception work, she lectures and educates.

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Holistic health – an insight
Where is overall health? How am I supposed to stay healthy? Can I prevent diseases myself? Then how do I do it?

Confused by all the dietary advice?
How am I supposed to eat? 5:2, Paleo, Vegan, Carnivore, Keto, Calorie measurement, the media floods with diets to follow. It's easy to get confused. How should I eat really and does it really matter? An insight into what the diet can do for the well-being and health and that it is not actually the same for everyone.

I eat so healthy, why do I have flaws?
We renovate our kitchens for several hundred thousand a year, cook 20 min? Is that right? We have never had such a great supply of food and yet we have more shortcomings than ever. Why would you do that? Do you really have to eat supplements to feel good all your life?

Wired but tired – in spin and always tired
What does the stress do to us anyway? There is a lot of talk about stress but what is it really and why is it dangerous for us. Stress is needed, we need to be able to outrun a Grizzly bear, but what happens when your whole life becomes deadly?

Super athlete, is that what I have to be?
Do I really have to run a marathon? Do you always get brain-strong? Should I run, strength training, HIIT what's best? When am I going to make it, how do I find time in my already busy schedule?

John Blund seems to be skipping me.
What can I do to improve my recovery and why is it good? Is it really good m 5-6 hours of sleep, is it true that some do not need more? What does sleep deprivation do to mine? brain and how I perform?

Surrounded by poisons
Our toxic world, what does it really do to us? The effects of the toxins in our body, should we care about them and where can we do? Environmental aspects of health and what to do to poison clean your life

Hormones in imbalance
What exactly are hormones, and hormonal imbalances? Can anything be done about it? An introduction to hormonal health and why we should care about it.