Mousing® and rubber band exercises

Owl Mousing® and Rubber Band Exercises

Have you or one of your colleagues suffered from problems in the neck, arm or shoulder, so-called mouse arm? Or do you want to create the best conditions to prevent this type of injury? Then this workshop could be for you! Muscle arm problems can be prevented and relieved with Mousing®, a series of simple movements, adapted for those who work in front of a computer or have any other form of static, monotonous work.

A Mousing® session takes just a few minutes and is easy to do at home or at work. A Mousing® expert from Uggla visits your workplace, on-site or digitally, and holds a workshop that gives you inspiration and concrete exercises and tips to carry out the session yourself.

Time required: 1 h

This is how the mousing workshop works:

1. General information on movement, muscles and sedentary behaviour. What happens when we don't move and what happens when we do?

2. We continue with a series of movements that counteract stiffness in the office muscles, we perform the movements together.

3. Question time.

4. Rubber band exercises. We do a series of movements to strengthen muscles.

5. Feedback on the information on muscles and movement. Questions?

6. End with information on where to find video link, posters to the movements in Mousing ®. Information and text materials are distributed.

We are able to offer this briefing both on-site and digitally.

Contact us for price information and booking.