Online Workplace Review

Online Workplace Review

Striving for good ergonomics means starting from how our body works and adapting our furniture and tools to it – not the other way around.

Load is the most common cause of reported occupational injury and the most common cause of absence from work. The goal is to create jobs that the employee can have for a long time without them getting ailments. A review of ergonomics in the workplace is well invested time in one's body.

Small adjustments to the existing workplace and utensils (chair, computer and light) can make a big difference. Sometimes help is needed to change behaviour, such as standing more at your workplace, for example. We help the employee to adapt ergonomics as well as possible to their workplace based on their unique circumstances. Whether it's in an office or at home.

Book a workplace review, 25 minutes online. We contact the participant for an individual video call where they show their workplace and get tips on adjustments. Together we try to find the best solutions.

For business agreements, please contact:

Ergonomicoach Marie Ericsson

Here's what our customers think:

"We had ordered an ergonomics lecture and workplace briefings on site, but the corona got in the way and we chose to drive online. The lecture was conducted live and was also recorded so that as many people as possible could take part in it. It was a clear, good and clarifying session. Marie spoke calmly but passionately, and showed that she knows what she is talking about. After the lecture, our employees were able to order workplace review online." Ulrika Halvarsson, HR at IDG

"We have hired Uggla Massage & Wellnes for online workplace review. I think it was great to have the "home visit" itself. I got to show my workplace and then got tips and ideas that reinforced my ergonomic working position, have the right distance to the computer and are aware of suitable lighting. I get up and move regularly!" Jeanette Rosén, Payroll and HR Administrator at Swedish Engineers

"Owl shows new thinking and adaptability by offering ergonomics review online in these pandemic times. Marie at Uggla gave me hands-on time and advice on ergonomics for me as a home worker for many months. I really appreciated the holistic approach when, in our 25 minutes together, we had time to discuss different working positions, lights, settings on the office chair, etc. Overall, a very valuable review!" Jessica Hörngren, Culture & Talent Generalist at Qlik