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The possibility of massage for children and parents at the Children's Cancer Center at the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital in Solna is highly appreciated. It provides a moment of recovery and relaxation in a tough everyday life. For several years now, we have chosen Uggla massage to give parents this much-needed break.

- Carolina Vallin, Childhood Cancer Fund

We have introduced "seated massage" for staff in a number of our retirement homes. It has been incredibly appreciated. We have previously had massage chairs but this is something completely different! Even if the massage is seated and only 10-15 minutes, you feel that you are recovering. Our employees have really appreciated it and look forward to every time Uggla massage comes to the business!

- Emma Swanström - Area manager for retirement homes and daytime activities

Uggla Massage and Wellness provided various sessions during the international conference we organized at the end of May 2023. First, we had seated office yoga (stretch) which was appreciated by our guests, some of whom had traveled from other continents. Secondly, we had a session on stress management through breathing exercises, simple stretching, self-massage, which provided good and concrete techniques.

Finally, our traveling guests got to try a seated Swedish massage, which was very much appreciated, and there was always someone in line for the three masseurs. We received great feedback from our guests and are very happy with the sessions that Uggla held for us.

- Emilie Welam, project manager, Stockholm Internet Forum 2023 - Sida

The lecture with Helene was perfect for our company: an opportunity for reflection and self-help that felt relaxed and tailored to us. We had the opportunity to understand our daily life in a new way and appreciated the practical tips and tricks to optimize our work and personal life using our own health.

- Joël Alveroth, Office & Event Manager

We are very happy with everything, the masseurs were great and the whole process was very easy and smooth. We were given a booking schedule which we put up next to the room where the masseurs were, it was quickly booked up. We have subsequently received positive feedback from our staff too. Thank you for a very good cooperation!

- Carina Vingek, Office Services

We are super happy with the lecture! Marie was inspiring to listen to and we got valuable and concrete tips that all employees could take with them directly after the lecture!
It also worked great to run the lecture remotely in English as we have operations in several countries.

- Hanna Lindkvist, HR Business Partner

The mind control seminar received great feedback and was appreciated by our employees.

Many thanks for a fantastic hour that was probably a wake up call and inspiration for many!

- Astrid Gustafsson, Event Coordinator & Mia Parstam, Workplace Operations

Seated massage is a perfect wellness activity at work. Our employees are very satisfied and 15 minutes of massage does wonders for tension and stress!

- Ann-Christine Olsson, Station Service

Our little fair went really well!! It was the first time we organised this type of event and many employees came to visit us where we had the opportunity to promote our benefits. Ekaterina and the massages were very popular, there was always someone in her massage chair and she had a great attitude towards our employees. We got great feedback from her as well that she felt our atmosphere was positive which we really appreciate! We hope to do this on more occasions and we hope Ekaterina will come back and give our employees massages again, not only on occasions like this but also in the office.

- Helena Åstrand, HR Advisor at Nordic Hub & HR Service Delivery EMEA at Sony Europe

Yesterday Marie held a draw for our employees and we are very pleased! It was very solid and concrete where we felt that we got many good tips and tricks on how to improve your physical home working environment. Marie was also an excellent lecturer who conveyed the presentation in a clear, calm and energetic way. We are very pleased!

- Fanny Gabrielsson, HR Generalist

Uggla demonstrates a fresh approach and adaptability by offering ergonomics reviews online during the pandemic. Marie at Uggla gave solid advice on ergonomics – much appreciated as I have been working from home for months. I really appreciated the holistic approach and that we had time to discuss different work positions, light, adjustments on my office chair and more in 25 minutes. Overall a valuable review!

- Jessica Hörngren, Culture & Talent Generalist

We had requested a lecture on ergonomics and workplace adjustments on site, but the pandemic got in the way and we chose to go through with it digitally. The live lecture was also recorded so nobody would miss it. It was a great session with clear strategies to improve work ergonomics. Marie definitely knows what she is talking about. After the lecture, our employees were able to schedule an online workplace review.

- Ulrika Halvarsson, HR

Uggla Massage & Wellness provided both massage and wellness when AniCura Animal Hospital Albano celebrated 40 years in business with a wellness day for the staff. Uggla took care of everything, from massage therapists and instructors (in yoga, running technique and high intensity training) during the day to ideas for the actual the event. Uggla were flexible and solution-oriented when our needs changed and helped make our birthday a much appreciated health day!

- Caroline Forsberg, Marketing Department AniCura

We are very pleased with Uggla as our supplier of corporate massage.
They have a simple booking system, great customer service when we need to change our booking and skilled massage therapists.
To be able to use the wellness allowance as you schedule a massage from Uggla is a great advantage.

We have been clients of Uggla's for three months now at our three major hospitals in the county and the response has been great.
Most visits are fully booked.
We have received many positive comments from our employees about offering this service in the workplace.

I am happy to recommend Uggla as a supplier of corporate massage.

- Mats Lindkvist, Region Sörmland

We have hired Uggla Massage & Wellness for online workplace reviews. I love that we could have "home visits". I got to show my workplace and then got some advice and ideas to improve my work position, and got helpt to adjust the correct distance to my computer and information on appropriate lighting. After the review, I make sure to get up and move regularly!

- Jeanette Rosén, Payroll and HR Administrator

At IDG we have had a collaboration with Uggla Massage & Wellness for several years. In 2020, we are planning a "web day event", where Uggla be offering seated massage. We are very much looking forward to this because we think Uggla is a wonderful company to work with. They are both familiar and creative!

- Felicia Steen, Project Manager IDG

Helene visited us at Academy to give a lecture on Mindfulness to the consultants in our summer programs who learn programming during 12 very intense weeks. She came in with good energy and solid tips on how to reduce and prevent stress with simple tools. It was a great day with a lot of questions, good answers and humour!

- Emelie Bernhardsson, Chief Operating Officer

We had scheduled an ergonomics review with individual consultations. Marie was organised and pedagogical and answered our questions in an good way. Our employees felt that Marie listened to them, asked relevant questions, made different suggestions and really individualized based on the individual's needs and challenges. We are very pleased!

- Marie Hicks, Head of Insurance Medicine's Investigation, Trygg-Hansa

Helene has dedramatized the concept of mindfulness for us in an educational way. Everyone who participated are able to apply something that we learned in our everyday lives as well as in the workplace. Having an educator who can give suitable everyday examples has enabled us to have vivid conversations regardless of prior knowledge of mindfulness when we first started the course.

- Love Sjöberg, Partner Manager, LiveIt

Marie from Ugglapraktiken lectured on ergonomics. The lecture was combined with a practical review on how we can improve our workplace. We couldn't be happier with Marie. It was very useful to us and presented it in an impressive way!

- Ulrika Elmegård, Entrepreneurs

Since 2011, we have hired Uggla to be our supplier of corporate massage and we are very satisfied. Massage as wellness is both profitable and appreciated, and we have seen that the number of employees who take advantage of the massage has increased since Uggla became our new supplier.

- Christina Lindstrand, HR Business Partner, Qliktech Nordic AB

Ericsson in Gothenburg has a very good cooperation with Ugglapraktiken. We hire them for massages at work, wellness lectures and individual health coaching. Massage at work is hugely appreciated by the staff and ugglapraktikens flexibility allows them to always meet our needs.
I feel that I can discuss different ideas we have and always get a nice reception and professional help in organizing various free care activities at the company. I am very pleased with our cooperation and feel a great sense of security in being able to turn to them on various wellness issues.

- Monika Svensson, Ericsson in Gothenburg

The massage therapists at the Uggla Practice are very skilled and have already helped many colleagues of mine through relaxing and medically advanced massage. They always maintain a continuous dialogue with the clients. The booking system is very smooth and saves us lots of time and work.

- Avalanche

Uggla conducted a combined Mousing® and office yoga session together with us at Intrum Justitia. The mousing exercises were simple and well adapted for those of us who work in front of a computer all day, and can be used at any time of the day. Finishing the session with office yoga was a great way to unwind, focus on the present and forget all the to do-list for a while. It was very successful and much appreciated among our employees!

- Joanna Eriksson, HR, Intrum Justitia Sverige AB

This is what some of the employees at Ellevio thought after a workout office yoga had to end their conference.
"Yoga to end the day, can only be a great thing!
– It was fun to try some yoga
– Great finish with yoga!
" Good with yoga!
"Surprisingly nice with yoga!
" A great ending with yoga.
"Yoga was very nice!

- Lowina Lundström, Marketing Manager, Ellevio

We chose Uggla because we got a professional impression of the company and appreciated that it was possible to book massages online. It was something that we lacked and we thought it was easy for our employees. We have offered corporate massages for many years because we have seen the benefit of this for our employees who almost all spend much of their working time at the computer. Massage is an excellent preventive measure for shoulder and back pain.

- Anna Bergkvist, Swedish Engineers

Ugglapraktiken visited us and gave a 30 minute lecture on health on the theme
· Motivational psychology – behaviour and driving forces
· What driving forces guide us humans?
· What drives you?
· How can we increase our motivation and keep motivation up?
It was an interesting lecture where the lecturer focuses on finding inner motivation. Rational and logical.

- Mikael Engström, Academic House

We are very happy with Uggla as our massage supplier. The Uggla massage therapists always deliver a professional treatment and an individualized massage to Frilans Finans employees.

With a well-developed booking system, our employees can easily and easily log in themselves and book their appointment.

- Christoffer Thell, Freelance Finance

At Omega Pharma Nordic we work actively to make our employees feel fantastic both mentally and physically. We therefore run several projects linked to well-being where subsidized massage from Uggla is one of them. Being able to get the massage in the office and the simplicity of being able to book online is very appreciated.

- Oivi Jacobsson, Omega Pharma Nordic

At the Volvo Trucks Annual Health Day in May, Uggla was on site and offered massages to our office staff. Very much needed and appreciated by everyone!

In addition, Uggla arranged a bootcamp to end the day. It was a cool experience and full body outdoor training, as well as a good mix of cardio and strength, and to do it in groups gave us that extra energy!

- Pernilla Fuxling, Volvo Trucks

As part of our wellness work in Höganäs municipality, we are pleased to offer the benefit of massage in the workplace through Benify and Uggla.
Both employers and employees feel that they are very professional, responsive and customer-oriented. It is a luxury to get a massage in the workplace, and that we can schedule it directly through our benefits portal is terrific! This is much appreciated by our employees!

- Pia Einarsdotter, Wellness Coordinator, Höganäs Municipality

The bootcamp arranged by Uggla is a fun and effective way to train based on functional exercises with playful elements. It's a great way to train with your colleagues – there is just as much laughter as sweat!

- Microsoft

Our massage therapist from Uggla is so good at what she does! Not only does she give great massages – she meets us individually, gives tips and good advice.

- Monica Isaksson, City Planning Administration in Luleå

Friday Yoga – luxury at work!
I am so happy I discovered the office yoga at Tieto. It has given me a place to breathe in stressful everyday life. To have the opportunity to take a nice break in the middle of the day before the weekend and "shower the soul" is luxury at work. It's simple, just sit on your chair, you don't even have to change. Birgitta makes us unwind in no time. The yoga session is the perfect length at 30 minutes. I can't wait to join again and gain new power and energy! It's great for everyone in the office.

- Elisabeth Erholt, Tieto PPS

As a surprise at our all-day conference with 130 participants from our technical department, we were helped by Birgitta from Uggla to do a wonderful office yoga session. Many of the participants had never tried yoga before and we did not know how they would respond. But it was really appreciated and many of them wanted to know more afterwards about how to do this back home. We thank you for your great effort!

- Nicklas Walldan, Vasakronan

During the autumn of 2014, Tieto with the help of Uggla conducted a series of five health-focused lunch meetings. The lectures on breakfast, stress and sleep, among others, were very inspiring to the participants and the themes often became topics of conversation in the lunchroom. Our lecturer is very knowledgeable and gived the lectures in a way that everyone can easily keep up. I recommend both the lectures and the lecturer.

- Claus Meyer, Tieto Card & CoreBanking Services

We are pleased to offer mindfulness sessions with talented lecturers from Uggla to our employees. In a professional way, the lecturer combines theory with practical exercises from different parts of mindfulness such as "breathing anchor", "body scan" and "yoga". The lecturer's way of explaining and teaching demonstrates their broad competence in the field.

- Christine Lundh, Microsoft AB

Uggla has been very accommodating and has at short notice adapted to our wishes. Both employers and employees feel that those who work at Uggla are very professional, very responsive and customer-focused. And most of us find it "luxurious" to get a massage in the workplace and it's great to be able to book online.

- Maria Tornberg Sjögren, Swedish Church

Work in preschool can be very stressful at some time. Therefore we wanted to focus on stress management during a study day as part of our In our wellness work. We contacted Uggla who, in consultation with us, set up a program. The study day began with office yoga and continued with a mix of lectures, workshops and individual exercises – all in a fun way.
The employees appreciated the day and felt that they were given new tools to work with both individually and in the work teams. The day also gave the management group a good foundation for further activities.

That Uggla was able to set up a program for the day that was adapted to us was very valuable. Cajsa and Birgitta who managed our Office Health Day are both professional and very experienced.

- Alexandra Oleinikoff, Björnboda-Sörgården preschools

Ericsson in Gothenburg has an excellent cooperation with Uggla. We hire them for massages at work, wellness lectures and individual health coaching. Massage at work is greatly appreciated by our staff and Uggla's flexibility allows them to always meet our needs.
I feel that I can discuss different ideas we have and always get a nice reception and professional help in organizing various free care activities at the company. I am very pleased with our cooperation and I feel able to turn to them with various wellness issues.

- Monika Svensson, Ericsson in Gothenburg

Skandia has hired Uggla to be our supplier of corporate massage for many years, so it seemed natural to turn to them when we needed ergonomic reviews in our the department. Uggla has delivered high quality services at a competitive price, and is a valuable asset to us as an employer in our work to prevent and address health problems related to the workplace.

- Gudrun Stuchal, Skandia Liv

We have worked with Uggla for many years and we are very content. In addition to having talented massage therapists, they are very easy to work with. They are very responsive and always quick to solve any issues. I can always count on getting help. Ugglapraktiken has never failed to deliver and it is a great relief for me as a client.

- Lena Aronsson, Electronic Defence Systems, Saab AB

We are new at hiring Uggla, but are very pleased with the health mapping, health coaching and sampling they have so far helped us with. They put the customer in focus, are flexible and accommodating in every way. Uggla has the attitude that nothing is impossible – problems should be solved. The price tag was also very reasonable, which makes them seem credible and serious.

- Jimmy Hörner, SEFAB Gruppen AB

When we chose our supplier of corporate massage, I started by asking around my own network. There Uggla got the best recommendations. When I then received their quote, I found the price very competitive. We have been using their services since the winter of 2012 and are very satisfied so far.

- VTI, National Road and Transport Research Institute

We choose Uggla because we are an IT company that wanted a modern solution that does not create additional work for us in the form of administration.

Ugglapraktiken has a professional approach and wanted to help find a solution that suits us.

Our massage therapist Emma is much appreciated by everyone and she's often fully booked. She helps us with both massages and individual workout advice.

- Marie Wallander, FordonsData Nordic AB

At HP, we invest in the health of our staff because we know it is profitable and make us an attractive employer. We tried office yoga during the spring which turned out to be a success! The staff felt more relaxed and less stressed. The Uggla instructors were competent and enthusiastic. Some comments that came to light in the evaluation of the yoga included:

–It improves my well-being, also outside of work.
I feel comfortable and relaxed – something I appreciate in my stressful
everyday life. It's a valuable break.
–I was surprised that it was so effective on some muscles.

It also emerged from the evaluation that 77% of participants want to continue next semester.

- Cilena Rubinsson, responsible for wellness at Hewlett-Packard in Gothenburg

We chose Uggla because of their competitive offer in terms of price, quality and delivery capacity. Not least the latter with a capacity to deliver nationwide was an advantage. At Peab, we see corporate massage as an important part in keeping our staff healthy and to be an attractive employer.

- Peab Leisure

For us it was a no-brainer to choose a supplier who could meet our high standards of quality and service. Uggla's willingness to go the extra mile felt reassuring. Uggla's corporate massage therapists give advice on how to prevent office-related problems. The massage is very popular with our staff and with Uggla as our supplier, we are convinced that it will remain so.

- Daniel Haagg, HR Specialist Work Environment & Health, Trygg Hansa

Successful courses in CPR and working environment with Uggla!

At two course sessions, our employees gained theoretical and practical knowledge in CPR with Heart Starters so that we all feel confident about how to act in the event of an accident.
Working environment was the focus of another course. Our managers became aware that the working environment implies more than just office furniture, light, sound and heating / cold.

Uggla's staff has really committed for these courses to be as good as possible based on our conditions here at AP1.

- Carina Holmström, AP1