Brain control

Brain control 

Where do you want to put your focus? Become the boss of your own stress system! 

We react differently in different situations, depending on who we are and what we have been through in the past.

However, many things are perceived by most people as highly stressful.

For example, many feel a lot of pressure when they have too much to do at work, but even in their private lives, with friends and family, some may experience social demands that feel difficult to live up to.

Sometimes we may not feel or feel stressed, but the body shows clear signals in the form of headaches, fatigue, stiffness, difficulty breathing, etc.

Uggla Massage & Wellness offers a seminar in presence training and simple tricks in managing stress. You get access to the latest research on stress and the brain's incredible opportunity for new pathways. You will have the opportunity to ask questions at any time.

The instructor Helene has been attending courses in leadership, mindfulness, and stress management for 20 years. Her base comes from MBSR - Mindfulness based stress reduction (original version). This is a science-based form of mindfulness that was developed in hospitals in the US over 30 years ago. Helene combines this with modern research and science. She is originally a political scientist who has worked on development issues in Asia, but always with her passion for people's potential and the possibility of development.

Duration: 45 mins

The seminar is delivered to companies and can be done both on site and digitally.

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