Seminar - The challenges and opportunities of the hybrid workplace

Challenges and opportunities of the hybrid workplace

How has our understanding of work changed over the last 5 years? How do we create the value that work is expected to provide? How do we satisfy our human need for social interaction and belonging, while at the same time wanting the possibility of a more flexible and freer working life, by working from home?

The pandemic brought a new way of looking at work and the workplace - the place where we create value for the customer or other stakeholders. But even before the pandemic, perceptions of work and the workplace had begun to change. Questions such as how much we want to work, where we work from and in what form are not just questions that digital nomads and giggers ask themselves. It engages us regardless of age or generation.

Our adaptation to a new reality opened up for remote work, new digital meeting forums, but also a greater balance in life. Research shows that many people feel they have a better balance and are less stressed if they have the opportunity to work from home one or more days a week. At the same time, there are challenges in finding good forms of collaboration and social work environment at a distance.

What are the challenges and opportunities we see in an era of hybrid work and value-driven employees? How can managers develop their distance leadership and create conditions for motivation and performance among their employees? And how can I as an employee contribute to a good working environment, value creation and personal development?

We address these and other issues based on research, trends and our own experience. Together with the participants, we will explore the topic and provide simple tips and tools for developing leadership and active employeeship in modern working life.

The seminar can be held both in person and online.

Duration: From one hour, can be designed together with the client.

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For 20 years, our trainer Ingela has developed managers and employees through training, process management and facilitation in leadership, team development, health & work environment. She has experience from both the private and public sector. Ingela is passionate about learning and is constantly looking for creative and effective methods to turn learning into real behavioral change.

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