Let us jointly equip the children of the small village school with modern technology so that they can access the whole world. We invest in a stronger internet and provide children with iPads. So they can have the same access to information as our children. So they can see that there is hope. We encourage our customers to round up with 10 SEK. A small effort. But many little makes a mickle! The money goes in full to the fundraiser. If you want to donate a larger amount, you can do so by donating to "Kjell Borneland Academy" via BG 228.9312. Mark the contribution KBA UGGLA. We will continuously inform about the status of the project.

About Kjell Borneland Foundation

The small private village school "Kjell Borneland Academy" is located in the village of Chota Mechia Busty on the outskirts of northeastern India near the border town of Jaigaon (called Phuentsholing on bhutan's side). The school operates in the poorest areas of the city of Jaigaon. The city has 43,000 inhabitants and borders the Kingdom of Bhutan. The Indian locals as well as Bhutanese can daytime here pass in and out from both sides across the border without any formalities whatsoever. Very few Westerners visit this geographically remote location located160,000 kilometers as the crow flies east of the capital New Delhi. The city of Jaigaon is one of two entrances overland if you want to visit the mountain country of Bhutan from India.

Kjell Borneland Academy has 60 pupils from preschool up to class 4. The parents of the school children are very poor and pay the annual school fee according to ability. "Kjell Borneland Academy" was named by the school's principal & founder (Mr. Tamang) after Kjell Borneland's decision in 2007 to start a support project with the school. The headmaster of the school has previously worked as a teacher in Bhutan for 30 years and is a highly respected man in the village where the school is located today. The whole Tamang family with two sons and a daughter-in-law are teachers and very involved at the school.

In order to run a private school in India at all, Mr. Tamang founded the "Kjell Borneland Foundation" www.kbfoundation.eu (THE WEST BENGAL SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, 1961) which includes projects for the school; for example, to build a new school building. Simple building such as infirmary (school nurse's office) where the pupils and their families will be offered free health examination, treatment of minor injuries, and vision and hearing examinations. The parents of the school children will also be able to be offered some medical assistance.

In Sweden Kjell Borneland together with Tina Höijer is the owner of the company Swed-Asia Travels. The company was founded in 1996. Swed-Asia Travels contributes regular donations to the school and is the point of contact for the school in Sweden.