We offer

Workplace Massage

Company massage should be easy. That's why we take care of all the practicalities, from massage bench to administration

Workplace Yoga

"Deep, stress-reducing breaths and simple beneficial exercises for tired office shoulders and necks. No change of clothes. The only tool needed is a chair".

Workplace Smartness

Inspiring lectures and workshops are often part of a successful health work

Workplace Mindfulness

Increased focus, concentration, improved health, sleep, and reduced stress are some of the proven effects of mindfulness training

Workplace Meditation

You become calm, balanced, recovered, alert and more aware of where your focus is.

Workplace Ergonomics

Stress is the most common cause of reported occupational injury and the most common cause of absence from work.

Seated massage

You can keep your clothes on, you get a deep strengthening energy boost that lasts for a long time.