Pregnancy massage - info and benefits

Pregnancy massage is fantastic and a much appreciated gift for the friend with the growing belly. For most people, being pregnant puts some strain on the body. The pregnant woman is facing a time that will be about everything but herself - treat her to a relaxing and beneficial moment that will do good for both body and mind!

The massage takes place with the pregnant woman lying on her stomach. The choice of base is important - it is specially designed to give a belly the space it needs. The focus areas of the massage are on the back and unlike a classical massage, the treatment is softer. At Uggla, we always make sure that the masseuse and the pregnant woman agree on a method that meets the pregnant woman's expectations and preferences about what is comfortable.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

A short answer to the question is that massage is a proven method for both physical and mental health. On the one hand, various areas of pain in the back can be accessed and relieved by increasing blood circulation and treating the muscles, and on the other hand, feel-good hormones are released which are themselves pain relieving and have a positive effect on the psyche. Want to learn more about the benefits of massage or find out what effect massage has on our psyche? Click here.

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