Benefits of massage

Take care of your body! - 3 questions with Catarina from Uggla Massage & Wellness

What is the importance of massage for health?

It is of great importance, both as a treatment method and for preventive purposes. So you don't have to be in pain for massage to be beneficial, and it has many positive mental effects in particular. Firstly, the physical touch releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which reduces stress, among other things. It's also good for you to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in the midst of the stress of everyday life.

What can massage do?

Massage can reduce everything from tension and pain to improving blood and lymph circulation. It is therapeutic and preventive.

How often should you have a massage?

Preferably every two to three weeks, by which time enough time has passed for the body to have adapted to the massage, and not so long that the effect of the massage has returned to what it was before the treatment.

Massage with Catarina Claesson
Catarina Claesson
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