Find out if you have massage at work


Hey there! 

Have you ever or just today asked yourself the question: Do I have a massage at work? Then read on.

As Sweden's leading supplier of wellness massage, we at Uggla have a fine and close cooperation with many of Sweden's companies. In addition, we work with the benefits portals Benify, Söderberg & Partners, Epassi, Wellnet and Edenred.

Are you in need of a massage and work in a company linked to one of these benefit portals or want to know if your employer offers corporate massage? Then this could be your lucky day!

Today is a big day for us as we go out and present

Here you can read more about the different types you might identify with in your work role, but most importantly, type in the company you work for in the search box and find out if you have massage at work!

Are you the service person, the robot, the rum sitter, the computer nerd, the weight lifter, the whore ball, the life guide or heading for the wall? Whoever you are and whatever you do, massage can improve your quality of life.

Try the massage roll and who knows, it might be your lucky day!😄


If you're unlucky and it turns out not to be your lucky day...😢

...tip the boss by sending this page, and maybe I'll see you at a massage table in the future!

Psst! In addition to massage, we offer services. lectures, workshops & health/topic days in ergonomics, office yoga, exercise, mindfullness & meditation. Find out more here