Massage at work

Massage in the office

So we want to summarize why wellness and massage at work is so important and profitable. Some only buy massages, others add more services from our Workplace Wellness concept. Contact us for an unbiased but hopefully valuable visit with office massage. Under each heading below you can read more about our product portfolio! Here we offer, among other things, corporate massage, yoga, mindfulness, meditation and much more. We are nationwide and are found throughout Sweden.

We can massage at work!

After 30 years, Ugglapraktiken is one of the largest suppliers in corporate massage. Over the years, we have gained a solid experience and many talented employees, which means that we can guarantee that you will get a masseur that suits you. This is one of many reasons why we have several hundred satisfied customers today.
Massage is effective

Classic massage in the office prevents and relieves stress, muscle tension and load problems as well as increases concentration. The owl practice's customer surveys show that about 90 percent of those who regularly take corporate massages have reduced problems with the neck, shoulders and back.

We perform Corporate Massage in your office

Our well-trained masseurs come to you so you don't have to go to a massage clinic. The only thing the company needs to arrange is a room in the workplace. We plan, administer, massage and provide all equipment such as massage benches, bench paper and towels. The masseurs also have tips on how to increase their well-being on their own and avoid specific problems.

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