Avoid workplace injuries and neck problems with the right ergonomics

Preventing neck and back problems with massage


Neck problems or headaches due to tense muscles? Strain is the most common cause of reported workplace injury and the most common cause of absence from work. Striving for good ergonomics means starting from the way our body works and adapting our furniture and equipment to it - not the other way around.

Uggla Massage & Wellness offers two different package services in this area;

A lecture on ergonomics and individual workplace reviews for employees. Both services can be delivered either physically or digitally to you - whatever you prefer!

Read more about each service below...

Avoid stiffness and headaches


Lecture Ergonomics

The lecture gives tips on how you can create a good working environment and ergonomics with simple means. You will gain knowledge about basic ergonomic principles for those working in an office or home office. We will go through the most important things to consider in terms of chairs, tables, computers and lighting. Read more here

Time 30 min or 45 min

Available in Swedish or English

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Workplace walkthrough

Small adjustments to the existing workplace and equipment (chair, computer and light) can make a big difference. Sometimes help is needed to change a behaviour, such as standing more at the workstation. We help employees adapt ergonomics to their workplace as best they can, based on their unique circumstances. We don't force you to make expensive investments in unnecessary equipment that is not used.

Format: we allocate 20 minutes per workplace (can be modified), with each workplace adapted to the person using it. At the end of the assignment, we will provide a written report describing the actions taken and the potential for improvement. Read more here

Now you can sign a discounted service agreement with us so you always have help close at hand when you need it. Perfect even for new employees. Order now and we'll give you a first pass!

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Our ergonomics expert Marie!

Marie Ericsson is a naprapath and trained in ergonomics. With 14 years of experience in workplace reviews and lectures on ergonomics, she is an expert on the body and the strain that can be caused by monotonous working postures.

As many people have their workplace at home, lectures and individual consultations are offered online that are adapted to the flexible solutions many work from today.

Here's what our customers say 

Yesterday Marie held a draw for our employees and we are very happy! It was very pithy and concrete where we felt we took away many great tips and tricks on how to improve our physical home work environment. Marie was also an excellent lecturer who delivered the presentation in a clear, calm and energetic way. We are very satisfied! - Fanny Gabrielsson, HR Generalist at Stim

We have contracted Uggla Massage & Wellnes for online workplace reviews. I think the "home visit" itself was great. I was shown my workplace and then given tips and ideas that reinforced my ergonomic working posture, having the right distance to the computer and being aware of appropriate lighting. I get up and move around regularly!" - Jeanette Rosén, Payroll and HR Administrator, Swedish Engineers

"Owl is demonstrating innovation and adaptability by offering online ergonomics training in these pandemic times. Marie at Uggla provided hands-on time and advice on ergonomics for me as a home worker for many months now. I really appreciated the holistic approach as we spent 25 minutes together discussing different working positions, lighting, office chair settings etc. Overall a very valuable briefing!" - Jessica Hörngren, Culture & Talent Generalist at Qlik