Health coach Agneta

Agneta Bergman Fredrikson

Health coach, Medical Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer with a solid education as a basis and constantly searching for more evidence-based knowledge.

My key motivators are that We should all be able to feel good, have fun, perform – injury free and with as few limitations as possible, physically as well as mentally.

Due to my passion for physical activity, joy and freedom of movement and sustainable exercise I invested extra energy into increasing my competence in this field and understanding of the mechanisms behind how various types of physical activity and sedentary behavior affects us.

With many years of experience from B2B technical sales and sales support, before and during family life with children, I am qualified in understanding the challenge of maintaining work-life balance.

I have worked in an activity-based office setting, with a fixed open plan desk and even in a private office and with place independent collaboration. My working languages have been Swedish and English.