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    How to Handle As a Therapist Payments at Private Clinics

    Valid from 2021-11-01 (Not Södermalm)


    1. Log in to your therapist page here: https://boka.ugglamassage.se/login
    2. Click on "View Schedule"
    3. Click the current day
    4. Click Manage Booking for the current time
    5. If the payment method is "ePassi", the customer needs to show on their mobile phone that the processing has been paid for.
    6. If the payment method is "Pay on site", fill in one of the following codes that show how the customer has Paid to you at the private office

      Card = K
      Swish = S
      Gift Card = PK+Gift Card Number
      Actiway = A
      Wellnet = W
      Clip card in Paper = KK+Clip card number

    If payment methods are initially one of the following, you do not need to do anything at all, as it is paid in connection with the booking.

    • Card payment
    • Swish
    • Bargain
    • Actiway
    • LiveIt Experience Box

    In cases where the customer claims to have paid otherwise even though it says pay on site, you describe it as in detail as possible in the box. There may be some of the prepayment methods that have gone wrong. Examples include Benify, card, swish or Live It

    Please fill in these codes between each treatment. Within 24 hours, we expect all any notes to be in place. Don't miss clicking save after you make your notes.

    The purpose of all this is to ensure that we get paid for all treatments and that you who work at our private clinics do not have to submit paper schedules with notes.