Uggla Booking

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Uggla Massage & Wellnes has a smart and user-friendly system for booking massages at work. Below is a brief walkthrough of the main features.

The user registers themself and selects the username and password at the first time of booking. If you choose to register your personal identity number, you can log in with BankId.

The system offers a special login for administrators at the customer companies to produce reports for salary deductions, statistics, etc.

Everyone is offered to give a quick response to the treatment you have received.

Uggla also offers a more comprehensive survey where you get an overall understanding of the effects of massage on staff health and well-being.

The system allows a number of payment options.

  • The company is billed for all treatments
  • The company is billed for part of the cost and the employee pay their part online (Swish or card) when booking their appointment.
  • The employee pays the full cost online (Swish or card) when booking their appointment.
  • It is possible to limit the number of bookings per month or per year. When the limit is reached you can choose to block for further booking or to let the employee pay for themself.

Uggla also cooperates with and has integrated the following preferential providers into its system

  • Benify
  • Söderberg & Partner
  • Wellnet
  • Actiway
  • ePassi

Uggla is leading in corporate massage in Sweden. Ericsson, Volvo, Region Sörmland, Microsoft and SAAB are some of our customers.

Feel free to contact us for more information and test links!