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Uggla has been Avonova's nationwide provider of corporate massage for 10 years.


Make your clients' office massage easier and more beneficial with Ugglas Massage! Our professional masseurs visit your client's workplace, offer comfortable treatments on a massage bench or chair, and take care of all the practicalities - from equipment to administration. Uggla offers:

  1. Flexibility: Customized contracts and schedules, with a customer satisfaction guarantee.
  2. Expertise: Our massage therapists are well trained, insured for liability and follow strict customer service and care policies.
  3. Extra value: In addition to massages, our masseurs offer stretching and exercise tips.
  4. Easy booking: Our web-based system, Uggla Booking, makes booking smooth and efficient.
  5. Tax benefits: Massages are tax deductible and can be financed with a wellness allowance. Massage does not need to be taxed as a benefit.
  6. High customer satisfaction: Our customers rate us 5.7 out of 6!

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Testimonial from Avonova customer - Tranås Municipality

Flexible booking system
Professional treatment by masseurs
Responsive masseurs who understand what the client needs for a massage
The availability of this massage has given us more well-being for our staff.

Emma Gustafsson
Administrator, Health and Medical Services Section
Tranås Municipality

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Scattered employees?

Workplace massage for the larger branches, massage in private clinics for the smaller ones - or a combo for the "hybrid workers".

Hybrid offer: Combine office massage with reception-based massage in our app. From 12 treatments in the workplace, including online booking, equipment, access to the app, personal contact person, and continuous marketing.

In the Uggla app, you can book a massage both at the workplace and at one of our external clinics around Sweden. This is an optimal solution for hybrid workplaces!

One benefit, the same price, no matter where the treatment is performed. Popular for those who want to book a massage close to home or take the benefit with them like on vacation 😎☀️

We have clinics in nearly 100 locations and are constantly expanding.

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Click here to see the available locations for our receptions in the Owl app.

(New ones are added every week)

Internal information and order forms can be found under Service Instructions.

Please contact Lisa Uggla for more information:

Tel: +46 70 202 03 04

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