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Workplace Massage

Business massage should be easy – for everyone

Therefore, we take care of all the practicalities, from massage bench to administration. With over 7000 treatments per month, we are the largest in Sweden at corporate massage. Our masseurs come to the workplace and give classic massages on the bench in a specially set aside room. Thanks to our convenient booking system, you avoid expensive and time-consuming paperwork. Massage is deductible in its entirety and does not need to be taxed on benefits. It can also be financed by wellness grants.

  • 25 min company massage in the office
  • Minimum six treatments per visit
  • A modern web-based booking system – fast, easy and cost effective.
  • Our massage therapists are trained and have liability insurance, approved by UMW or equivalent.
  • We apply a customer satisfaction guarantee, and offer change of massage therapist, if desired.

The massage therapist will coach employees with

Our clients score us 5.7 out of 6.0!

"This was my first time but I'm happy to make another appointment with Anders. He covered a lot in only 30 minutes!"

"Great massage"

"Always good experience with Samira!"

"They did brilliant work on my twisted back. All the pain went away – and I work better now."

"This was my first treatment. I will make another appointment with Cecilia."

"The massage therapist was very nice, professional and calm. I'll make more appointments with her."

"Great massage therapist. Very professional!"


We offer corporate massages in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö-lund

Workplace Yoga

Everyone loves yoga

30 minutes of office yoga requires no change of scenery and provides a fast and efficient cool-down through breathing exercises and simple movements – great for tired shoulders or neck. Office yoga has surprisingly many advantages when done regularly: it improves concentration, stress resistance and endurance. The easy-to-follow movements are finished with a moment of relaxation, which makes you leave feeling calm.

How it works:

Time :30 min
Scope: One or more occasions
Number of participants: Unlimited
Venue: Conference rooms or other suitable environment
Cost:Price request!

What are the benefits of yoga?

  • Easily accessible
  • Provides a better posture
  • Suitable for everyone, regardless of previous experience
  • Provides increased mobility
  • Gives both body and mind a break during the day
  • Increased efficiency
  • Prevents repetitive strain injuries
  • Increases attention span, stress resistance and endurance
  • Boosts energy
  • Reduces tension and stiffness in the back, shoulders and neck

Workplace Smartness

Inspirational lectures

Many of us get caught up in old patterns and need to replenish with inspiration and motivation. We offer lectures aimed at getting the participant to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle in order to live a full life – at work and leisure. Why offer a series of one lecture per month? Gather your team at a joint lunch or online.

Workplace Mindfulness

Being present in the moment

Mindfulness is a research-based exercise program that has recently been recognized as a successful concept to manage stress in the workplace. Mindfulness training gives you the tools to deal with everyday stress and pressure and makes working life more joyful and creative. The latest research in neuroscience shows that through mindfulness we train the brain's attention muscle, which gives us access to more focus and well-being. The setup of the mindfulness course is be adapted to your needs.

How it works:

Duration: 60 min/session
Scope: Single alt most occasions,
Number of participants: Unlimited
Venue: In conference rooms, secluded environment
Cost: For price request quote!

Workplace Meditation

Our workplace meditation is a 30 min break where we join in a contemplation of community and stillness. We alternate guided meditation with meditation in motion and easy yoga exercises.  This 30 minute session gives a power boost, increases attention and prevents being stuck in negative thoughts that devour energy. You'll feel calm, balanced, recovered, alert and more aware of where your focus is.

How it works:

Duration: 30 min
Scope: Single alt multiple occasions
Number of participants: Unlimited
Venue: In conference rooms, secluded environment
Cost: For price request quote!

Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics is common sense

Incorrect lifting is the most common cause of reported occupational injury and the most common cause of absence from work. At Uggla, we combine theory and practice. Most of the time, small adjustments to the existing workplace and equipment, such as chair, computer or light) make a big difference. We avoid expensive investments on unnecessary equipment. After the assignment has been completed, we provide a written report describing the measures performed and the areas with potential for improvement.

How it works:

  • We start with an information meeting of about 30 minutes where we go through
    the procedure of the individual workplaces.
  • We dedicate 20 minutes per individual workplace (can be modified), where each workplace is adapted
    to the person using it.  
  • After the assignment has been completed, we provide a written report describing the measures performed and the areas with potential for improvement. 

The information meeting, the review of current workplaces and the written reported are all included in the price. Contact us for price information or to schedule a review.