Leadership, efficiency and well-being


Leading and operating in today's society is more complicated than before. Whether it's leading yourself, leading others or leading teams.  We are one of the first companies in Europe to offer trainings and workshops based on the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) development programme. Search Inside Yourself (SIY)is founded and developed at Google in collaboration with some of the world's top researchers and leadership profiles. The results of these efforts are reduced sick leave costs, increased productivity and increased leadership.  


Our trainings and workshops provide tools for increased focus, higher self-awareness and stability so that people can create better conditions for themselves and others to live and work more sustainably and efficiently. Participants are given skills in leading themselves better regardless of external circumstances. The course also lays the foundation for increased emotional intelligence, a skill that is crucial in today's working life. 

We get constantly distracted, and it's easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. Today's knowledge workers and leaders are faced with a complex reality with major changes and an abundance of information. Many of us lack the skills to navigate successfully under the influence of these requirements. We teach well-proven skills so that you can easily find joy, sustainability and efficiency in what you are good at. 


SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF - 2-day development program 

As one of the first companies in Europe, Uggla Massage & Wellness can now offer the complete Search Inside Yourself training. This is done in collaboration with two certified teachers. Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is founded and developed at Google in collaboration with some of the world's top researchers and leadership profiles. Their trainings are based on the latest in leadership and brain research. More than 20,000 Googlers have undergone SIY and the program that is the most popular of all training efforts on Google. The primary reason Google started working with SIY was the increasing stress levels within the company. Thanks to these efforts, employees are happier and have tools to work sustainably. The work with SIY has been successful and stress levels have changed positively. Another result of SIY is that the teamwork works better and the goals of these efforts now are that all employees at Google have the right to have good managers. 


SAP is another company where siy-2 days program has been implemented in the breadth and several thousand employees have also undergone operations. SAP's ambition to implement Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence &Amp; Self-Management was a lack of employee engagement. Thanks to these efforts, there has been an increased commitment and the aim of the efforts has been changed to now be more about creativity and innovation. Also at SAP, this is the most popular of all educational efforts. SAP has measured the impact of the interventions and sees an increase in focus, efficiency and reduced stress. There is a return of investment on the stakes of 200%, measured on engagement, management trust and reduced short-term sick leave. 

Other companies that have implemented these tools include Apple, Aetna, LinkedIn, Accenture, Ford, and Microsoft. 

For results see https://siyli.org/results. You will find more information on https://siyli.org but do not hesitate to contact lisa@ugglamassage.se if you have any questions. 


Both Sanna and Mattias will be certified by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute as teachers in the reputable 2-day program "Search Inside Yourself" in spring 2018. 

Sanna is a behavioral scientist and science journalist who regularly follows the research front of neuroscience and publishes articles in missing link's research bank. Often hired lecturer on the knowledge of the brain. Facilitator for Missing Links MindVIEW program and leads mindfulness and yoga at work. Has undergone the "Engage" development program in mindfulness-based emotional intelligence conducted by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute in the United States. 

Mattias has a past as a business leader, entrepreneur and manager. Has run and led companies with extreme growth and worked within large international organizations in the automotive and film industry, among others. Mattias is educated in marketing, finance and leadership and at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute in the US. Today he coaches elite athletes, develops business leaders individually, holds courses and lectures in leadership, sustainability and efficiency for larger groups. 


Workshops/lectures 60min - 1 day 

Both Sanna and Mattias are often engaged for lectures and workshops. These are largely based on the latest knowledge about the brain and how, with knowledge of its functions, we can develop our leadership, our focus and influence our well-being. 

Just like with a muscle, you can actually train your brain to get stronger and cope with more stress. Through knowledge and practical exercises based on neuroscience research, you can learn how to take control of your mental resources and thus your results. 

Abilities that create modern leadership, lay the foundation for efficiency, strong collaboration and give you the conditions to feel good. The basis of these results is training. We provide tools and help you create structure to actually train abilities that lead to long-term results. 


Ongoing implementation 

Research shows that in order to create lasting behavioural changes, interventions spread over time are beneficial. We provide the opportunity to have ongoing lectures/"training sessions" to build sustainable change in depth. Many companies today offer weekly opportunities to really give employees the tools and structure to perform at their best and feel good.