Eat your way to health x 3 times


Opportunity 1: Feel better, perform more and have lower sick leave through simple dietary choices. Fast and simple routines can be both good and with minimal work lead to major health changes.  Included: Three quick, tasty and healthy breakfast recipes.

Opportunity 2: Eat your way to health easily!
Today we dive into the latest developments regarding functional and healthy food. Do we get everything we need from plant-based dietary choices, and is that really safe? We highlight our individual situations, such as the desire to lose weight, sleep better, and perform at exercise, etc., as well as straightening out the most common question marks. 
Included: Three recipes for healthy snacks and protein snacks.

Opportunity 3: Make your own lunchbox for 20 minutes.
Today we learn to make good health food but above all without unnecessary time in the kitchen. With award-winning chef skills, we highlight 3 international cuisines, and how to get it right in everyday life in the easiest way. 
Included: Three Recipes for varied lunches/dinners that everyone can easily manage.