Health Coach Online

Health Coach Online

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"Tailored coaching according to the individual's circumstances means that everyone can do it. Better some minor changes you can keep over time than a massive effort that is difficult to make." – Lisa Owl

Sometimes a lifestyle change is needed. We humans can be stressed and experience "little time" but even though we know what we need to do for our health, we don't really fix it on our own.

The health program is for those who want to take a new approach and break bad habits. Together we arrive at the best balance for the individual and take the necessary measures in areas such as food and drink, physical activity, stress and sleep. You bring valuable knowledge, insights and tools for a sustainable healthy lifestyle!

This is a health program that includes education and individual coaching in order to take the direction towards a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The program includes kickstart, inspiration, increased knowledge and awareness of the importance of taking care of yourself.

This includes:

Questionnaire 20 min

Initial calls 60 min

Coaching call 4 x 45 min

Booked through your Actiwaylogin.  

Read more about Agneta, Viktor & Helene who are our health coaches!