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Uggla Massage & Wellness was established in 1989 and is today one of the leading companies in the industry. Key concepts in our business is quality, proactivity and administrative relief.

Uggla Massage & wellness has worked with preventive health care for nearly 25 years and we are one of the largest providers of corporate massage. You find us all over Sweden and we help both companies and individuals to better health. We provide the knowledge, experience and customer focus with the explicit aim to maintain a very high level of service with hand-picked therapists who work from a well-defined policy, which we call the Uggla spirit.

Using our booking and payment systems will minimize administration for you.

Outsource preventive healthcare and keep your staff fit!

Our experience and dedication make your preventive health care profitable. We identify the health status of your personnel and potential problem areas and thereafter produce a strategy for long-term preventive healthcare at your workplace.

Our massage has 99% customer satisfaction!

Find out what more than 2,800 employees thought about our corporate massage. In our 2012 survey, our customers were 99% satisfied with the massage, 90% had less aches in neck, shoulder, muscles and joints, 73% felt less stress, 80% felt more efficient and 25% were relieved of their headaches.

Massage and Wellness – always easy to book!

Would you like us to come to your workplace, or would you rather come to one of our practices? With our new booking system, you can easily find and book treatments.

Work environment, security rounds, CPR, ergonomics

The regulations for work environment and security issues in the workplace are constantly getting stricter, which is hard for any employer to follow. The responsibility lies with the employer who must train the co-workers to e.g. sit and lift correctly. Lack of knowledge can give consequences.

What we can offer:

Workplace massage
30 min
Min8 treatment

Classic massage boosts the immune system, prevents and relieves stress, muscle tension and increase concentration. These effects are documented in our customer survey 2012. 90% of 2.100 responded that they experienced a decrease of pain in neck, shoulders, muscles and joints, 73% felt less stressed, 80% became more efficient and 25% experienced a reduction of their headaches.The employee can pay his part when booking with a credit card or Swish. Alternatively, Uggla sends an invoice for the full amount. Specification attached. Agreements are written on a specific number of hours each month, in the example above a total of 30 hours.

Workplace ergonomics·
Group lecture
Practical demonstrations in a group or individually

Workplace yoga·
25 minutes per session
Single sessions or a series of 5 sessions
a conference room or similar (needs to be secluded and quiet)

25-minute workplace yoga does not require you to change your clothes and provides fast and efficientrelaxation with both breathing exercises and simple movements that do good for tired shoulders and necks. The only tool needed is a chair. Workplace yoga has a surprising number of benefits when done regularly: the ability to concentrate increases as stress tolerance and endurance. The simple movements end with a moment of relaxation, which contributes to the sense of calm.

Workplace smartness – inspiration lectures
From 25 minutes per lecture
During meetings or gatherings at the workplace
Wide range of lectures in health and wellness.
Agreement on a new lecture per month can be offered

“Move your ass and your mind will follow”
We know that physical activity affects our health and well-being. Today we even know more on how and what kind of training that is effective on the brains cognitive abilities. We will learn more about training and exercises that can facilitate our ability to concentrate, to be creative and structured, and at the same time feel physically and emotionally better.

”Stress management”
The trend of a high work pace, increased information and more activities are continuing. Stress is now the leading cause of ill health. We learn more about how to manage stress.
The lecture provides you with a mix of theory and practical tips to use in your everyday life.

”Diet, exercise stress and sleep, from scratch”
How and why diet and exercise affects our health, our productivity and our mood.
How we by using simple methods can influence all those aspects. An Introduction.

”Mousing® and Resistance Band Training”
We are made of muscles which need to be used in the right way. A prolonged static work by the computer can cause pain in your body. But there are simple ways to prevent and relieve pain.
Together as a group we perform Mousing® and resistance band exercises.
Mousing® is a series of simple movements tailored for people working at the computer, or any other form of static and repetitive work. Mousing® only takes a few minutes and is easy to perform at home or at work. An easy way to work preventive!
Watch a movie here:

”Your Personal Trainer’s top tips!”
Most of us want to keep the body in shape but not all of us are able to regularly go to a gym. In this lecture one of Ugglapraktikens PTs will give you an introduction to how the musculoskeletal system works and will share their best exercisesfor you to perform at home or in the office. Usually you only need your body’s resistance!

“Our sound advice on ergonomics”
Inspirational lecture on how to sit, stand and work right at your workplace. Get the basics in ergonomics and learn how to avoid work-related back problems and shoulder pain. Small adjustments at your existing workplace and equipment (chair, computer and light) can make a big difference. The lecture gives practical tips that can be used right away!

”Health Lecture focusing on diet, a series of two or three sessions”

Session 1
Feel better, perform better and have less sick leave? through simple dietary choices. We
understand and improve the most important pillar of good health, the food. Fast and simple routines can with minimal work lead to major health changes. Included: Three quick, tasty and nutritious breakfast recipes.

Session 2
Eat your way to a good health! Dive into the latest evolution regarding functional and healthy foods. Are we getting everything we need from plant-based food choices, and is it safe? We understand our individual needs, such as the desire to lose weight, sleep better, and perform when exercising etc. and answer common questions. Included: Three recipes for healthy snacks and protein snacks.

Session 3
Make your own lunch box, under 20 minutes. Today we learn some simple tricks to make your
healthy food taste good, without unnecessary time in the kitchen. We highlight three international cuisines, and how to get it in your everyday life in the easiest way.
Included: Recipe for three varied lunches / dinners all simple for anyone to cook.

”Workplace Mindfulness: an introduction, 3 sessions”

Session 1
Introduction to stress, what it is, how it affects us and how we can stop stress in the body by being aware and by simple mindfulness exercises.

Session 2
Mindfulness in everyday life. Exercises how we can get into consciousness and presence in the simple little things in our everyday life. One of the exercises here is that we bring in refreshments for this session and do an exercise with food and mindfulness.

Session 3
How can we be more present and get more joy in our daily lives for a more sustainable life and not get worn out. Exercises and tips to use after the course.The course leader is a MBSR-instructor (mindfulness based stress reduction). She has also attended an Advanced Teachers Training course and has 20 years of experience in meditation.

Massage your colleague
50 minutes
Participants learn some basic techniques that can be of use when a colleague or friend feel tense, stressed or want to relax for a while. The massage takes 2-3 minutes to complete.

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